New Mint (Pachta Palace) New Mint (Pachta Palace) New Mint (Pachta Palace) New Mint (Pachta Palace) New Mint (Pachta Palace) New Mint (Pachta Palace) 

New Mint (Pachta Palace) - Celetná Street 36/587, Old Town

New Mint (Pachta Palace)

Celetná Street 36/587, Old Town

A large building on the corner of the Celetná street and Ovocný trh (Fruit Market) standing on the site where Czech queen’s court used to be, right next to the Royal Court. After the death of King Wenceslas IV, this building by the road to rich silver mines of Kutná Hora was bought by the Old Town municipality and converted it into a mint which was closed down in 1434; it was reopened in 1539 and functioned until 1783 when the Provincial Military Headquarters moved there. Current late Baroque building was commissioned by the head of the mint František Josef Pachta of Rájov in 1755 and built according to a plan by J. J. Wirch, in 1784 it was adapted by F. Heger and then again later on. The portal with sculptures of miners and soldiers by I. F. Platzer from 1755 is particularly valuable. Part of the cellars preserved its late Gothic character, in the basement there are late Baroque vaults. In 1848 the first clashes between the Prague rebels and the troops of the Provincial Military Commander General A. Windischgrätz took place in front of the hoouse. During these fights his wife was killed while she was observing the scene from a window; it is not known whether it was an accident or a political murder. Since 1849 the building has been owned by the Ministry of Justice and the provincial court and is still used for court purposes.

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