Hrzán Palace Hrzán Palace 

Hrzán Palace - Loretánská Street 9/177, Hradčany

Hrzán Palace

Loretánská Street 9/177, Hradčany

Originally a Gothic townhouse, owned by Petr Parléř, later rebuilt in late Gothic and Renaissance style, respectively (bossed portal and remainders of sgraffito decorations were preserved), in the 1750´s it was acquired by the Kolowrat family and had it converted into an early Baroque four-wing palace, with some minor alterations later on. Apart from Kolowrat family, and later on the Hrzán of Harrasov family, the palace was owned by the St. Vitus chapter deanery and then townsmen, including painters F. Engelmüller and J. Slavíček. In the 1950´s the palace was adapted based on a project of V. Lorenc and F. Vrána to suit the needs of state representation (the Governmental Office at present time). The palace is built in a steep slope so its front side in Loretánská street has only one floor, on the other side in Úvoz street it has five floors. Inside the courtyard there is a Baroque fountain with a statue of Hercules.

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