Saint Clement (Clement I)

The fourth consecutive pope (after St. Peter, Linus and Anacletus I), took up office somewhere between the years 88–97. He was christened by St. Barnabas who also introduced him to St. Peter. Peter named him as his success, but Clement deemed himself unworthy of the office and two nominations were held before he submitted to the urgings of the people and the priests. The Emperor Trajan banished him to the Crimea where he was forced to work in the local marble quarries; there he miraculously opened up a stream of water for the thirsty workers, thereby converting them all to his faith. He was killed by drowning with an anchor tied to his neck in the year 100 or 101. Clement’s remains, along with the anchor, were reported to have been found seven centuries by St. Cyril (see Sts. Cyril and Methodeus) who took them to Rome. It was the anchor, the symbol of hope, that became Clement’s attribute. He is the patron saint of stone-masons, hatters and sailors and protects against childhood diseases, flooding, hurricanes and storms.


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