Dvořák Karel

*1893 (Prague), †1950 (Prague)

One of the most important Czech scupltors of the first half of 20 century, pupil of J.V.Myslbek and J.Štursa. From 1928 he was a professor at the State School of Applied Arts in Prague. In the second half of 1920´s he was a co-founder of social civilism under the influence of O.Gutfreund´s work and later on, he adopted a monumental style - in that period he created the group of sculptures of St.Cyril and Metod at the Charles Bridge.Then he focused significantly on historism, inspired by Czech Baroque art. From other works: St.Wenceslas (1921), Portait of his wife (1923), Newsboy (1925), To America (1925), Monument of legions for Pere Lachaise in Paris (1934),Tragedy (1937), Life and Destiny (1941).


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